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What is black garlic? Amazing benefits and basic knowledge for beginner.

It took 3 months when I feel the benefit of black garlic.

I had less chance to get sick after eating one piece a day.
In 6 months I feel sick a little only 2 times.
Compared with when I get sick every month, it’s huge improvement.

Even when I feel sick, just eat a little more of black garlics and sleep, then recovered.

Is it just feeling like placebo?
I researched some thesis and actually garlic has amazing power to keep your health.

What is black garlic?

Black garlic is fermented garlic.
It’s processed by fermenting fresh garlic with 60-70 degree celsius for 10-20 days.
The colour of garlic turned to black by heat, called Maillard reaction.

The taste of black garlic is totally different from fresh garlic.
Sweet and a little sour and not stingy smell.

The sweetness came from garlic.
No sweeter, no chemical, no preservatives added.
Black garlic is made of natural material.

Benefits of black garlic

In Japan and South Korea there are a lot of research about black garlic.
Here is the lists of the benefits of black garlic.
You can check the details from the URL below.

Reduce weight
Lower high blood pressure
Reduce cholesterol
Prevent Cancer
Heal hungover
Cure allergy
Prevent sickness
Moderate diabetes

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to eat black garlic?
––Best amount of black garlic to eat?
––Timing to eat black garlic?
How to preserve black garlic?
Difference of black garlic and fresh garlic?
Cooking with black garlic?
How to make black garlic?

1-3 months is recommended to feel the benefit

Black garlic is healthy food, not medicine.
It takes time you feel the benefit.

Eat one piece a day is sufficient.
I personally recommend you keep eating everyday.

After a few months you’ll see healthier and happier life.

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