How to make black garlic?

If you want to make black garlic by yourself, you can ferment with rice cooker.

Put fresh garlics into rice cooker and keep warming 10-20 days.
The duration depends on the machine and the preference of taste.

Pros for homemade black garlic

-Save money
-Taste adjustable

If you want to take black garlic with the cheapest cost homemade is the best option.
You can also adjust taste as you like.

Cons for homemade black garlic

-Time consuming
-Strong garlic smell
-Initial cost

Fermenting black garlic garlic is not so difficult.
However you take time to buy ingredients, setup garlics, wait for fermentation.

The biggest problem is the strong smell.
Once you use the rice cooker for black garlic you cannot use for rice anymore because of the smell in the machine.

The price of rice cooker is not always cheap, because the cheapest rice cooker is not always durable for long time using.

Buy for trial is smarter

Considering pros and cons we recommend to buy for the first time.
If you like it you can start making by yourself.

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You can learn the basic knowledge and benefits about black garlic.

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