Does black garlic cure cancer? The scientific evidence and limit.

Black garlic prevents the growth of cancer as several kind of researches show.
Especially anti-cancer effect on digestive organ like stomach and colon is scientifically supported.

Garlic is king for anti-cancer

From ancient time garlic is eaten as folk medicine.
There is data that people who eat more garlics than others have less chance to get cancer.

Source: The Complete Book of Garlic

Eating fresh garlic is the great way to prevent cancer.
But black garlic also has significant effect.

Reactive oxygen is one of the cause for cancer

While you are living your body exchanges foods into energy by using oxygen.
Through this process small amount of reactive oxygen is generated.

Small amount of oxygen is not harmful.
But when excess certain amount, there is risk to damage your body by oxidisation.

If the cell of your body damaged by reactive oxygen, it may start to grow as cancer cell.

Anti-oxidants protect body

Black garlic contains much more anti-oxidants than fresh garlic.
Therefore it prevent the oxidisation of body and keep healthy.

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