Does black garlic cure hungover? The scientific evidence and limit.

Black garlic has function to protect lever.
It means cure the damage caused by alcohol.
Therefore it’s possible that black garlic help to recover from hungover.

Mechanism to cause hungover

Hungover happens when you drink alcohol more than your capacity.

Once you drink alcohol, it’s transferred into acetaldehyde in your body.
If you drink too much, acetaldehyde lefts till the next day.

This is the condition of hungover.

Anti-oxidant cures damage of lever

Too much alcohol damages your lever.
It causes oxidisation.

On the other hand black garlic has full of anti-oxidant.
It prevent oxidisation of lever and cure into healthy condition.

Thank to black garlic the lever can recover from the damage.
Then the lever can decompose alcohol to recover from hungover faster.

Example of research

According to this thesis the hepatoprotective function is supported scientifically.
This experiment is based on rats.
The damage of lever is decreased after eating black garlic.

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