Bulb’s Regular King Package (1kg)


For Daily Garlic King Package you can get 1kg of black garlic.
You can get Bulb’s garlic in reasonable price.

It’s the best for using at restaurant and sharing with family.

Price: 1,200THB +50THB for shipping fee
Amount: random size 5-7cm, 15-20 pieces, 1kg in total volume
Expiration: 2-3 months
Payment: Bank transfer, Credit card, Paypal
Shipping: Within 1-3 days after payment confirmed (Kerry Express)


For Bulb’s Regular King Package (1kg) you can get Bulb’s Regular in reasonable price.

Difference of 1 month pack and King Pack

If you buy 1kg pack, you save 300THB than you buy 1 month pack 5 times separately.


The price is 1,200THB (+50THB for shipping fee).
In total 1,250THB.

Review from customer


**Black garlic is not medicine**
Black garlic should be treated as health food.
Although it provides several nutritional benefits according to researches.
Please consult your doctor or health specialist on symptoms.