Buy Black Garlic in Indonesia (Thai Product)

Start healthy custom with just one Black Garlic a day

“Daily Garlic” is specialised shop for black garlic in Bangkok, Thailand.

We deliver black garlic which is easy to eat and contain high nutrition.
It’s our pleasure to support your healthy lifestyle on daily basis.

Why we start selling black garlic?

Our passion to start black garlic shop is from personal experience of the founder (me).
When I move to Thailand, I start to get sick more often.
Maybe it’s because of the change of environment and food.

When I was in my home country, Japan, I get sick a few times a year.
But in Thailand I got sick once a month.

I feel stress to waste a lot of time lying on bed and try to find the solution like eating healthy food, going gym etc.
While researching I got to know about black garlic and started making with recipe on Japanese cooking site.

After eating one piece of black garlic I feel more energetic and didn’t get sick for more than 3 months.
I believe black garlic helps many people’s health and happiness.

Uniqueness of Thai single bulb black garlic

Many people started healthy lifestyle with Daily Garlic.
Especially Thai single bulb black garlic is popular.

Tone’s Special is our original product.
We carefully design the taste so that you can enjoy eating everyday.
We’ve also selected the best ingredients and the fermentation.

The taste is not smelly like fresh garlic.
It’s sweet and a little sour, which is like prune (dried fruits) and chestnuts.

Benefit of eating black garlic

Easy to eat

Do you think black garlic is smelly?
No at all.
Black garlic is totally different taste and flavor from fresh garlic.

It’s like a sweet and sour dried fruit.
Once you tried the unique taste, you would be addictive.

You just eat one piece a day to feel the benefits.
Therefore easy to continue than intensive exercise like 1 km jogging.

Safe to your body

Black garlic is made of pure garlic.
Natural food is easy to digest and good for your health.

You may also feel safer than supplement which is not sure of the ingredients.

Full of health benefits

Several kinds of benefits are scientifically supported such as,

Customer Review

Here is only part of the reviews from our customers.
We are really proud that they are happy to buy Daily Garlic’s products.

Continue healthy custom out of Thailand

Some customers request us to buy our black garlic in their home country.
It’s possible to deliver our black garlic at a reasonable price from 1kg.

-Product:1kg 750,000IDR(Tone’s Special 1kg 1600THB, calculate 1THB=470IDR)
-Delivery fee from Thailand to the address in Indonesia:280,000IDR


1pack 200g is about for 1 month (30-40 pieces).
Therefore 1 month cost is 206,000IDR.

From 2kg the shipping fee is 280,000IDR.
e.g.) 750,000IDR*2kg+280,000IDR(Shipping)=1,780,000IDR

How to order

Please Add Friend on LINE@ and message us “buy black garlic in Indonesia”.
We’ll tell you the details.

The delivery might take 7-14 days after the order is confirmed.

Small steps change huge difference

It’s important to good habits little by little to achieve your healthy lifestyle.

Just eat 1-2 pieces of black garlics a day.
You start consider of your health and can create the custom.

I keep eating black garlic almost everyday for 2 years since I started Daily Garlic.
My health condition is quite good and I can work energetically.

Our customers also feel the benefits after 3-6 months when they stared the black garlic.

As long as you are healthy you can work and enjoy meals with family and frinds.
But if you didn’t care of your body, you might regret when you cannot recover your health anymore.

Now is the youngest time of your life.
Let’s start black garlic and create healthy and happy lifestyle together.