Fresh Mung Bean Miso 200g (Available after Oct 6th)


*This product is available only in Bangkok and delivery by messenger.

Miso is traditional fermented bean paste in Japan.
It’s considered as important energy source in the past because it has full of proteins.
In the fermentation process the proteins are decomposed into amino acids which are easier to intake into body.

Mung bean miso is homemade miso with our original recipe.
Unique aroma of mung bean and rice koji with low amount of sodium, which are like eating cheese.

This miso is not heated so the enzyme is active, which is beneficial for your body.

Using as marinade sauce of salmon, pickle cream cheese, vegetable dip are highly recommended.

Eating tasty become healthy with our Mung bean miso.

Shelf life
3 months in fridge.
(We keep the product up to 1 year in freezer after manufacturing day)

200g 200THB

Messenger (50THB) only in Bangkok

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